NACE RP0495 1995-JUL-01 Gudelnes for Qualfyng Personnel as Abrasve Blasters and Coatng and Lnng Applcators n the Ral ndustres-tem No21072

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The quality of a coating application depends primarily upon the capabilities of the people who are performing the actual work. This standard has been prepared to establish guidelines for the qualification of abrasive blasting and coating and lining personnel. These jobs require appropriate knowledge of specific technical principles.

This standard has been developed to aid in recognizing the essential qualifications of a craftsman engaged in abrasive blasting and the application of modern coating and lining systems.

In developing written practices as required by Section 5, the qualifying authority shall review the detailed recommendations presented in this standard and shall modify them as necessary to meet specific needs. Any modification shall not compromise the quality of either workmanship or application and shall be documented for review.

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